Transfering your pension

Transfers into the FPS 1992 scheme

The FPS1992 is a closed scheme and therefore can no longer accept transfer of pension rights from other pension schemes.

Transfers of Pension within the FPS 1992 scheme

If you leave your employment with the fire and rescue authority and transfer to further employment as a firefighter with another authority, provided there is no break in service between employments, you would remain a member of the FPS. Although your pension rights will normally transfer with you, payments of transfer value are not exchanged between English fire and rescue authorities. An authority you leave would simply send a statement of your accrued pension entitlement to your new authority.

However, if you leave to take up employment as a firefighter in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, a transfer payment would be paid because different funding arrangements apply. Provided there is no break in service between employments you would be subject to the FPS rules of the relevant country.

Transfer out of the FPS1992 scheme

If you leave the FPS having sufficient service to qualify for a pension but are not eligible for immediate payment because you are not old enough nor retiring on grounds of ill-health, as an alternative to a deferred pension you could request that your pension rights should be transferred to some other pension arrangement.

A transfer value, a sum representing the capital value of your pension rights, would be assessed in accordance with guidance provided by the Scheme Actuary and offered to the managers of your new pension scheme. The transfer would take place only if you so instruct and if the fire and rescue authority are satisfied that the new scheme has the necessary approval of HM Revenue and Customs.


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