Will I move into the 2015 Scheme?

Firefighters who joined the FPS 2006 Special Members scheme may transition into the FPS 2015 scheme, depending on age and when they joined the scheme. Follow the options below to see how this affects you and what protections you may have.

When were you born?

You are fully protected if you are a member of the 2006 Scheme for Special Members (FPS 2006 Special Members) .

It means you will remain in your existing pension scheme and continue to earn rights in the FPS 2006 Special Members until you choose to retire. You won’t transfer into the 2015 scheme (FPS 2015).

As you are fully protected, you will see no change in the age that you can retire, or the amount of pension you will get at retirement.

You are a Taper Protected member of the 2006 Scheme for Special Members. You will transition into the 2015 scheme sometime before March 2022.  See table below for your tapering date.

You will have a taper protection date which is personal to you. At the taper date, you will move across to the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 2015 (FPS 2015). If your taper protection date falls after you choose to retire, you will not move across to the 2015 scheme.

PDF iconFPS 2006 SPECIAL Taper Protection Table

Information for Taper Protected members of the 2006 Scheme for Special Members

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