Receiving a pension

Firefighter pensions are paid by the Avon Pension Fund payroll department which is administered by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Your pension is paid directly into your bank account, using the banks automated clearing system (BACS). Your pension will be paid on a monthly basis and is taxable.

Month FPS Pay Date NEW FPS Pay Date
April 2022 01/04/2022 28/04/2022
May 2022 01/05/2022 28/05/2022
June 2022 01/06/2022 26/06/2022
July 2022 01/07/2022 28/07/2022
August 2022 31/08/2022 28/08/2022
September 2022 01/09/2022 28/09/2022
October 2022 01/10/2022 28/10/2022
November 2022 30/10/2022 27/11/2022
December 2022 01/12/2022 24/12/2022
January 2023 31/12/2022 28/01/2023
February 2023 01/02/2023 26/02/2023
March 2023 01/03/2023 26/03/2023

What if I live abroad and have an overseas bank account?

If you live abroad it may take a few extra days for your pension to clear into your overseas bank account, therefore it is likely that your pension will be received a few days after the dates specified above.

You will receive a P60 at the end of each tax year, which will show you the amount of pension you have received and the tax deducted.

Although lump sums are paid tax free, your monthly pension payments are taxable.

When you first start to receive your pension, your tax deduction will depend on whether we have been provided with your P45. If we have the relevant parts we will use the tax code specified. If we do not have your P45 then a basic rate tax code will be applied (currently 20% for normal rate tax payers).

The code specified on your P45 will be used until HMRC notify us of the tax code you should be on, which we will apply to your monthly pension.

Until we receive the tax code notification it may take a little while for your pension to settle into a fixed regular amount.

If when we receive the tax code notification, you have underpaid or overpaid tax, your pension will be adjusted accordingly and any under or over-payment will be rectified as long as it is within the same financial year.

If you have any questions about your tax code or how much tax you are paying, the Avon Pension Fund will not be able to help, you should contact HMRC, using the details below:

For PAYE queries

HM Revenue & Customs, Pay As You Earn, PO Box 1970, Liverpool, L75 1WX

Telephone: 0300 200 3300

For Self-Assessment:

HM Revenue & Customs, Self-Assessment, PO Box 4000, Cardiff, CF14 8HR

Telephone: 0300 200 3300

You’ll need to tell them your:

  • National Insurance number
  • Pension payroll number
  • The Avon Pension Fund reference, which is: 070 EXA 100P

If you move abroad your pension can be paid into your overseas account through Western Union.

You will need to complete a Mandate Form for this to be set up

Call the Pensions Payroll Section free on 0800 0644155

Your pension will be paid directly into your overseas bank account and will be converted into the currency of that country. The amount of pension you’ll receive each month will depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment.

How do I change the bank account that my pension is paid into?

If you change your bank or building society details you must notify the Avon Pension Fund’s Pensions Payroll team in writing by post or email, quoting your pension payroll number and / or your National Insurance Number. The notification must be signed.

For security reasons, we cannot make any of these changes over the telephone. You must inform us in writing.

We will then update our records to ensure that your pension is paid into your new account.

It is important you notify us that you have changed your bank account before the payroll closes for the month. If you miss the payroll closedown date we will not be able to pay your pension into your new account until the following month.

How do I change my address?

All you need to do is telephone us, write to us or email, detailing your new address and quote your payroll reference number. We will then ensure that we update our records and all future correspondence will be sent to your new address.

How do I update my marital status?

If you get married or divorced, it is important to keep your pension records up to date by providing us with a photocopy of the relevant certificates (marriage certificate or decree absolute). If your marital status changes it is advisable to complete a new nomination form as stated below.

Your pension will increase each April, if

  • You are aged 55 or over 
  • You are retired on the grounds of ill health (at any age)
  • You are receiving a widow's, widower's, civil partner's or nominated cohabiting partner's pension
  • You are receiving a child's pension

Your pension will increase each April in line with the consumer prices index.  We will write to you every April with details of the increase.

The previous years rise in inflation (from 30 September to 30 September) is used to calculate the rate of the increase applied to your pension.

Date of increase Increase %
April 2022 3.1%
April 2021 0.5%
April 2020 1.7%
April 2019 2.4%
April 2018 3.0%
April 2017 1.0%
April 2016 No Increase

If you have only started to receive your pension within the last 12 months, you will not receive a full years increase, you will receive a proportion.

If you earned a guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) before 6 April 1988, the GMP element of your pension will be increased every April by the Department for Work and Pensions and will be paid with your state basic pension.

If you earned a GMP after 6 April 1988, the GMP element of your pension will be increased up to 3% by the Avon Pension Fund, after which any remaining increase will be paid by the Department for Work and Pensions and will be paid with your state basic pension.

If your spouse/partner/relative has been receiving a Firefighters' pension and they die then you need to notify Avon Pension Fund pension payroll, to ensure that benefits and any death grant are paid correctly.

Please let us know the following details:

  • Their name
  • Their National insurance number
  • Details of their spouse/partner/next of kin
  • Contact details for those dealing with their estate

It is important that Avon Pension Fund is notified as the member's estate will be liable for any overpayments made

Avon Pension Fund Pension Payroll can be contacted by calling 08000 644155

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