No longer paying in

You are a deferred member

If you cease to be an active member of the scheme before you become entitled to the payment of retirement benefits, and have at least 3 months' qualifying service or have had a transfer value paid into your pension account, you would become a deferred member of the scheme.

Your active member's pension account would be closed and a deferred member's account would be set up.  This account would contain the value of your pension account at date of leaving.

Should you return to scheme membership within the 5 years after leaving, the deferred member's account would be closed and your active member's account would be re-established as if you had remained in pensionable service during the break but had received no pensionable pay for that period.

If you do not return to active membership your pension will remain in the deferred member's account until you become eligible to draw it.

Below is information about deferred membership in each of the relevant firefighters' scheme that you were in.

Which scheme were you previously in?

Every year we send you your Annual Deferred Pension Statement. Your statement shows the current level of your Firefighter Pension deferred (frozen or preserved) benefits you have with the Avon Fire and Rescue Service.

The statement shows the current value of your deferred benefits, without any reduction if you were to retire early.

How do I change my address?

All you need to do is write to us or email, detailing your new address and quote your National Insurance number or payroll reference number. We will then ensure that we update our records and all future correspondence will be sent to your new address.

How do I update my marital status?

If you get married or divorced, it is important to keep your pension records up to date by providing us with a photocopy of the relevant certificates (marriage certificate or decree absolute).

How do I change my nomination record?

If your circumstances have changed, it is important that you complete a death grant nomination form and return to the Avon Pension Fund using the contact details found on the form.

If applicable you may also wish to complete a nomination of dependent partner for survivor's pension form. Please read the notes on the reverse of this form before completing to see if you are eligible to nominate a cohabiting partner. If you are married there is no need to complete this form.

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